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Thread: Scope and Nested Functions

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    Scope and Nested Functions

    I'm having trouble getting my head around one of those notorious Javascript foibles to do with scope. Scope and nested functions.
    Looking at the following plunk, I have two javascript objects, room1 and room2.

    Both have a nested function called nestedFunction inside a method called addPerson.
    In room1, that nested function is a lambda and the use of the this keyword blows away the global variable called 'person'.
    In room2, that nested function is a named function. The this keyword does not blow away the 'person' in the global scope.

    I think room1.nestedFunction is a function but not a method. But I'm not sure why. I guess because its context makes it a function expression as distinct from a function declaration.
    I not sure how that analysis would apply to room2.nestedFunction. Perhaps it is a method, but I'm not sure what method it is a function of. The addPerson object?

    So, I can basically see what is happening here. I just don't have an understanding of why. What is the difference between a lambda function and a named function when nested inside a property (addPerson). What is going on here?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I looked at "script.js" in your link and line 33 has a warning which appears on mouseover.

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