Hi all,

This may be a bit of general question as i do not have a whole lot of experience with servers. However, I have been wanting to set up a local environment to develop websites on for close to a year now, but after a while of searching and playing around with it I end up giving up and coming back to it later. I do feel I am more prepared to handle this as I have ever been before, but what is driving me absolutely nuts is sending mail from a form store on the localhost. For those not familiar with Xampp... it is a package that contains apache, mysql, mercury mail, php, and some other extensions. However these are the main components and the ones I am interested in mostly. Anyway, I have tried following several tutorials of how to configure mercury and Thunderbird(and even windows live mail), but I have had absolutely no luck. I have tried different approaches, and yet I have yet to actually receive any mail. If anyone has any suggestions on a helpful source for an absolute noob with servers it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction, as all the sources I have found so far have been a big waste of time.

Thanks in advance