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Thread: Exit-popup window when you close the site / browser

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    Exit-popup window when you close the site / browser

    You want to display a pop-up window when you close the site / browser.
    For example, this feature works, but it displays a row and all:
    [CODE] window.onbeforeunload = function (e) {
    return 'Dialog text here.';
    }; [/ CODE]
    Neither of which there is more thrust comes out. Most pop-up window is done.
    That's just not able to withdraw it when the window is closed site.
    There is still such, for example, the function:
    [CODE] $ (window). Unload (function () {alert ("Bye now!");}); [/ CODE]
    But for some reason it does not work.

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    it should be unload not Unload . JavaScript is case sensitive

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