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Thread: Do javascript using PHP

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    Talking Do javascript using PHP

    I have a html page:

    HTML Code:
    <form action="stock.php" method="post">
    S:<input value="remove" name="removeWS" type="submit" /> </br>
    M:<input value="remove" name="removeWM" type="submit" /> </br>
    L:<input value="remove" name="removeWL" type="submit" /> </br>
    a javascript page:

    var quantity_in_stock_S = 2
    var quantity_in_stock_M = 2
    var quantity_in_stock_L = 1
    I am wanting a php page to make do
    1 - var quantity_in_stock_S
    when removeWS is clicked:

    PHP Code:

    fwrite(...); /* 1 - quantity_in_stock_S*/
    That kind of idea...

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    Why don't you save the value in the database and fill in the javascript on basis of the database value?
    Declare the variables in the HTML page, insert some PHP where you pull the data from the database.
    The javascript part in your HTML could be like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var quantity_in_stock_S = <?=$row['quantity_s']?>
    var quantity_in_stock_M = <?=$row['quantity_m']?>
    var quantity_in_stock_L = <?=$row['quantity_l']?>
    In the PHP you should update the value in the database to the new value.

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    Suggest you use AJAX to make a query to a PHP script that then reads the file/database and returns the data requested.
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