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Thread: simple XMLHttpRequest logging function

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    simple XMLHttpRequest logging function

    I am using XMLHttpRequest as a simple one way ajax logging function. No server response is needed. The request does not cross domains.

    This code works as expected:

    var client2 = new XMLHttpRequest();
    client2.open("GET", "program?url=c",true);
    return true;

    however, as soon as I remove the alert()

    var client2 = new XMLHttpRequest();
    client2.open("GET", "program?url=c",true);
    return true;

    the server never receives the call...

    When I step thru this in firebug, I can remove the alert line and once I step thru to the return line the function works as expected. But as soon as I eliminate the debugger (no break) it ceases to work again? very strange. no errors thrown.

    what am I missing here?

    This is a one way communication to a log file on the server (same domain), no response is needed.

    Thanks in advance for any advice... I'm sure I'm just being dense...
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