Hi there

I have an Image button which should redirect the user to a page where search results are displayed.

HTML Code:
<input type="text" id="txtSearchGeneral" class="input-medium search-query" placeholder="Search ..." />
                    <input type="image" name="btnSearchTest" src="Images/searchIcon.png" width="16" height="20" />
The function I am usinng for the purpose of redirecting is the following

$(document).on("click", "input[name='btnSearchTest']", function () {

    var txtBoxValue = $('#txtSearchGeneral').val();
    if (txtBoxValue == "") {
        alert("Please enter a value");
        return false;
    window.event.returnValue = false;
    //window.location.href = "SearchResults.aspx?search=" + txtBoxValue;
    //window.location = "SearchResults.aspx?search=" + txtBoxValue;
    //document.location = "SearchResults.aspx?search=" + txtBoxValue;

    //window.location.assign("SearchResults.aspx?search=" + txtBoxValue);
    window.location = "SearchResults.aspx?search=" + txtBoxValue;
    //location.href = "SearchResults.aspx?search=" + txtBoxValue;
The above works fine in IE and Google Chrome.

Advice perhaps as to why it is not working in firefox and how I can get this to work?