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Thread: Open external website onload?

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    Open external website onload?

    I would like to open/link an external webpage onload in a new tab...

    I am using this:
    <body onload=window.location='SITE_URL_HERE'>

    This works, but re-directs the page rather than open a new tab.

    What would I include so that it does this in a new tab?


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    You should use window.open() for this. See http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/met_win_open.asp. The code would be something like:
    <body onload="window.open('SITE_URL_HERE');">
    However, as you can see, this code creates a new pop-up window and will be blocked by many browser pop-up blockers. You can't force a new tab. It's a user-settable option that determines if a new window is created or the page is loaded in a new browser tab.
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