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Thread: How to make a realtime webpage that can submit data and show reports and charts.

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    How to make a realtime webpage that can submit data and show reports and charts.

    Hi All,

    I am a newbie in web development and i am stuck in building a custom webpage. I want to build a webpage that can be accessed by users and administrator. Users can submit their forms and administrator can view the custom reports and charts.
    I was able to build a wordpress website which enables multiple users with custom redirects. With the help of custom from plugin, i was able to make a custom form that a user can fill data into. The submitted form can be exported in wordpress backend.
    But i want to build a realtime webpage that can show reports from the data that has been submitted by the users.

    Really appreciate if anyone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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    You will need database interaction, coupled with some server side coding. I recommend MySql for the database and PHP for the scripting language. What you will be doing is sending info from the user's form input to the database. This will require some php. Next you can create calls to the specific data you want in in the database using php nested within your html wherever you want it to appear.
    Check out 'dynamic' websites on google for a better idea of this. You can find straight forward instrucions for the coding on w3schools.com

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    Basically, it sounds like you are trying to run before you can walk:

    - Do you know how to build a web page properly so that it is responsive, and will display correctly on all devices, from 320x480px to HD (or larger)?

    - Do you know how to optimize images for the web?

    If not, I'd suggest you focus on those first before worrying about the dynamic elements...

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    If you want your site to be working properly in all devices they it must be responsive.

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