I am really struggling here with Opera and IE, and after few days of research, haven't been able to find answer.

I have a gallery and I want to show image thumbnails on 1 line in scrollable div. Still no problem. But the more thumbnails I have (even 100 is a problem), the more the problem starts to show. In FF and Chrome, it is absolutely ok, but in Opera and IE, the whole page gets soooo laggy, that it is useless.

I find, that the problem is caused by having the images on one line... if you add "float: left" to them, so that they wrap at the end of the div, they are in multiple rows and so NO slowdown whatsoever (see example bellow). It has nothing to do with specificly "float", if you manage to arrange images in multiple rows any else way, slowdown is gone as well.


If you need any more resources to see, just ask for it please.
So if anyone has pleeease any suggestions, I would really appreciate it and be thankful for the rest of my life Thank you in advance.