Hey guys.. Nice to meet you.
I need some help although i am not sure if what i want is really possible.
I have created a template with a drop-down menu. (main page and 2 child pages)
The problem is i don't want people to have access to the main page since it's gonna be empty,
so is there some way to auto-redirect them to the 1st child page when clicking on the main page?
To be more precise, i want when someone clicks on the "tablets" item on the menu to be redirected automatically at the
"android tablets" page.
Or something similar to that.
The program i'm using for the template is kinda cr4ppy and only allows me to mess with the html code of each page
and not with the code for the menu,
so is there any pure html code that can help me do what i want?
I tried a few other ways with javascript but it didn't work.