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Thread: Javascript Resize function

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    Javascript Resize function


    I would like to ask for a help for those who probably encounter this too.

    I am trying to use javascript to resize the content of a page ( mostly texts), it works fine in exception with one, the frame stay the same... the texts will go large but bigger than the frame.

    I'm only knew on doing some adjustments with CSS, so please be patient with me

    Hope I have explained this well.

    Thanks in advance

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    Can you show your code?

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    Hi thanks for your reply, here's the code I used:
    <script type="text/javascript">

    var mytextsizer=new fluidtextresizer({
    controlsdiv: "sizecontroldiv", //id of special div containing your resize controls. Enter "" if not defined
    targets: ["body"], //target elements to resize text within: ["selector1", "selector2", etc]
    levels: 3, //number of levels users can magnify (or shrink) text
    persist: "session", //enter "session" or "none"
    animate: 200 //animation duration of text resize. Enter 0 to disable


    Im a little bit confuse how to customize this code.


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    target elements to resize text within: ["selector1", "selector2", etc]
    did you include that iframe in this list?
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