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Thread: White flash when page loads after going to the next link at IE and Chrome

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    White flash when page loads after going to the next link at IE and Chrome

    My website had a white flash when I clicked on another link page ,it happened in both IE and Chrome ,but not in Mozilla,it was the only one that was smooth.
    What is the solution?

    The only thing I know is that this is provoked when the page is taking longer to load and this white flash second is the proof of that.

    Mozilla is working great but I don't understand why IE and Chrome has this issue.What can I do to make it smooth and remove this awful white flash in between the loading pages?

    I appreciate if someone can help me, some good soul out there?

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    Try this.
    You can speed up your site with caching plugins (try WP Super Cache) and minimizing your CSS and JS (there's a plugin for that too, Minification).

    The more dynamic your theme, the more slower your site.

    SOME browsers cache a lot more information than IE and other browsers keep a more dynamic transient cache (FF) and then others honor your server and site settings (Chrome). In addition, the way you build your site causes them to handle data differently.

    Hope this helps you.

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    but does it qualify for any website or does it have to be for wordpress blogs ?
    I'm doing a personal site and use another host.please help

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    This is for wordpress blogs and the below code i have used in my site iframe in <head> for stoping flash. You can try out this.

    // Prevent variables from being global
    (function () {

    1. Inject CSS which makes iframe invisible

    var div = document.createElement('div'),
    ref = document.getElementsByTagName('base')[0] ||

    div.innerHTML = '­<style> iframe { visibility: hidden; } </style>';

    ref.parentNode.insertBefore(div, ref);

    2. When window loads, remove that CSS,
    making iframe visible again

    window.onload = function() {


    Hope this 1 helps.

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