I'm starting a business and need help. I don't know where to start building my site for this business....
Introduction: My name is Rodney. I'm a network engineer, domain administrator, VOIP tech and Basic SQL 2005-2012 admin. I've been online studying building websites but with all the modules, templates, admin consoles everyone offers with cloud servers, java vs css vs php vs html5, etc..., I'm lost. I have no problem getting server built for a website, routing ip and dns, getting it on the web, but designing the working site to publish is a different story.

My new business. We'll call it selling a monthly paper with codes to access them digitally online. I would like to have the user create a login profile, and each time they buy a paper they can add the code to their "profile" so the paper is accessible to them digitally. I have a lot of other stuff I want to do later like 3d rotation of that paper, having images (articles) show when hovering the mouse in a certain spot, etc... but I want to start with getting users logged in and making the codes work so I can get the papers on the shelf with codes inserted ASAP. The paper will have a code on the outside and one on the inside so it can't be stolen and used. Both codes will need entered and need to jive in some manner. It will need to have the "are you a human" security box as well (just letting you know all this in case it influences where to start). Pointing this to mysql or sql2012 is fine if you think it's smart. I do expect it to get into the thousands of users within 5yrs. Again, you guys and gals are the boss. Please steer me. I need serious help!!!!!!!!!!

WHERE DO I START, What do I need, Do I get some kind of template and modify, start from scratch, what coding, what to buy if a anything, WHAT METHODS, WHAT LEARNING, etc...


Thank You so much,


(If there are any networking, DNS, Active Directory, Basic SQL functionality questions, hit me up. I believe in what goes around comes around)