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Thread: Website not displaying radio buttons in IE10

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    Website not displaying radio buttons in IE10


    I hope someone can help. I have checked my website www.bound.co.nz in all browsers and it is not quite displaying in IE10. If you look particularly at a product page http://www.bound.co.nz/products.php?product=Golden-stag and scroll down to the Options. You will see that no radio buttons are showing. Does anyone know what is happening here? I would really really appreciate any help. I have included a screenshot to show how it isn't displaying correctly.

    Many thanks Suz
    Screenshot Bound.co.nz.jpg

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    It's not displaying in IE8 either.

    I can see that everything but your CSS (don't even want to attempt to wade through the dozen or so different stylesheets) looks about right.
    A guess is that the radio buttons are located a few hundred pixels off of the screen or have "display:none;" or "visibility:hidden".
    Your syntax, including closing tags are right for your inputs and your XHTML transitional.
    Actually with transitional, you could close them anyway you wanted to and they would still work correctly.
    Again, you need to look very closely at your divs' CSS possibly coupled with your list's structure and styling. Something about IE doesn't like the styling.
    When you find the culprit, you can usually fix the problem with a conditional statement for IE in the head.

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    The correct way to allow a user to click both the text and the button is to use a label tag with raw HTML or try out with the below code
    var tabs = document.getElementsByName("action_tab")
    First, getElementsByName() is broken in IE. Rather use getElementsByTagName() and/or getElementById().
    Or better, use
    jQuery and $('[name=action_tab]').

    Hope this helps.
    strad solutionswww.stradsolutions.com

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    Thank you.

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