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Thread: Help - New Job Need To Make My Case!

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    Help - New Job Need To Make My Case!

    Hi Guys,

    It's nice to meet you all as I am new here.

    I come to you today, because I have just been hired on at a new company. Prior to my getting hired the company expressed to me that they had just invested in having their website redone. The problem is from where I sit the site is hideous.

    I would like to convince my new boss that the website needs to be redone AGAIN and that's where I need help. I would like to have the site reviewed to see what you would change or do different, what you think is wrong, and good supporting evidence for why it should be redone.

    The reason I need this help, is because the person they hired to rebuild the site they have been working with for years. They trust this person. I on the other hand am new and I'm really taking a risk coming in criticizing the person work so I need to make a strong position.

    The website is called social p.r.n

    I don't know the rules about linking here so please just google it so you can get to it.


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    Is it socialworkprn.com? (By the way, I think linking here is okay, it wouldn't be otherwise possible to do any reviews.)

    If yes, well, the site looks overall pretty dated and cluttered.

    The Find us on Facebook box is breaking the page layout, just remove it from the ul/li tags.

    There is a lot of repeating elements, like the aforementioned Find us on Facebook box together with Visit us on Facebook banner in the sidebar. There are the Employers and Social Workers banners in the main content area that link to new pages and there is also a brief description for both categories a little below. I would put that together. There is a Locations link in the navbar and there is also a locations list in the sidebar.

    I would at least unify the two navigational menus on top, replace the stock photography with actual pictures of the team (or at least some less obvious stock photos). I would completely do away with the sidebar and move the content from it to a footer.

    As for supporting evidence, well, this is obviously just about opinions. (I mean, look at a typical Chinese website). But you can just show your boss the sites using Boostrap: http://expo.getbootstrap.com

    Simple full-width layouts, no sidebars, no cheesy stock photos, nothing is duplicated, information is very concise.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi dollhouse,

    You forgot the link to the website!!!

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