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Thread: Looks fine in IE8, IE9, FF & Chrome, but not IE10

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    Looks fine in IE8, IE9, FF & Chrome, but not IE10

    My home page looks fine in IE8, IE9, FF & Chrome, but in IE10 it's all flush left.
    Is there something special about IE10 that would do that?

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    It's impossible to say for sure without seeing your code, but since your code seems to work in IE9 and not IE10, I would check to see if you're relying on conditional comments (ie. '[if IE]') because IE10 removes support for them in its native mode.
    Make sure that any settings that include settings with vendor prefixes (ie. '-moz' or '-webkit') also include the W3C standard form.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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