Looking to work or partner with a web developer/programmer

I have some commercially viable web based ideas that I know havenít been done (yet) on the web at least in the form the ideas/concepts dictate
As I am not conversant in the black art of web designing/programming but am conversant in the art of selling services, I am looking to partner/work with a web designer/developer to bring my web based ideas to the www and share in the sales revenue and profits

The ideas relate to the following

An innovative service enabling original product makers/manufacturers a foothold/access to a well-established and lucrative market

2 new forms of buying and selling online and offline (for new and used goods/items and also works for services)

A web based interactive communication service that works on various different types of website

A service that enables web visitors/users the ability to personalize their search results and also personalizing what is displayed on websites they visit

A service that enables web owners to personalize how and what content is displayed on sites that have multiple items etc. on a web page

A community based skills/services exchange service within a social media platform where users can trade their skills or time/services for products and services supplied or provided by other users (both corporate and private users)

A new form of advertising

A community based (online) media service that enables web users to share and create media experiences (online and offline media and across all media, i.e. print, recorded, electronic, web, broadcast etc.) with other users of the service

A series of web tv programmes using a new program format (all programmes adapted from that format) with related website and service

Please understand that I can only give a brief short form or outline of the ideas (as I have done) since there might be copyright/patent possibilities or implications here and before I can divulge further an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) would need to be entered into and once that is done I am more than willing to divulge full details

If you wish to learn more and request an NDA I can be contacted at