Decided to use shadowbox.js for images, seems to be the one more compatible with browsers,but there are two issues, one is that the "title" option for each img src leaves a tag if there is a thumbnail which does not look good for the page.

Second I made manually thumbnails for each of these images for shadowbox.js on the page but the space between each thumbnail is too small and without any caption under so I think it's definately not the way to do it.I've looked in shadowbox 's website but couldn't find an option to add gallery of thumbnail.

Is there a way to make a gallery thumbnails on the page with caption under each one and each img is nicely spaced out like a grid and once the user clicks on a thumbnail the shadowbox is initialised.

All I know that div and the function in shadowbox.js needs to be changed ,also the css style within the page but don't have a clue how.

please help

like i said in the previous threads I posted ,it's for an artistic website so those images are based on paintings and the page and this is the major point of the whole website,the presentation is extremely important , I would deeply appreciate if anyone can help me.