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Thread: Redesign , Why Some Fails and other Perform Well ?

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    Redesign , Why Some Fails and other Perform Well ?

    Example of Pinterest, Pinterest is one brand that introduced design updates earlier this year without any noticeable backlash.
    Facebook is another brand that manages fairly well with major functionality and design changes.
    So read what makes some succeed and others fall flat on the face?

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    Unbiased, objective, empirical user experience testing. (Focus groups are notorious for responding with what they think the people running the group want to hear.)

    A good place to start: Don't Make Me Think.
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    Yes Agree , Don't Make Them Think . Your intent , to help people to learn and experiences better from your website "that's what we call better user experiences" , Instead they fight in understanding and thinking why is it here , what they talk about , why they not have good design, where to start on page ? why website not open quickly ? ...... So for better conversions , Enhances the usability of website as much as possible .
    Don't Put A huge content and make website so busy that make user to think "hmm where should i start , Its too Busy"
    If your website has not Green Flag (Not Work Fine) , with many of factor's like layout , simple navigation, loading time, content , usability then Its time to think for website redesigning .

    Yes Agree , there are some points that just couldn’t be ignored before rolling out a major update. Thanks for presenting real examples of brands that have successfully done so;
    Quote Originally Posted by saktoria View Post
    So read what makes some succeed and others fall flat on the face?
    Thanks For Share Some Success Stories and Discussing Why Some Fail and Other Success
    The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.

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    Thanks For Replying and Give more value to Post . Redesign was never the slippery road it is now. Windows is probably the most recent example that highlighted in linked post of a brand that bowed to web uproar over such changes.

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    Its better to be sure than redesign the template. It can be a waste of time and effort.

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    Such a nice and informative post shared above,thanks for that.Redesign is helps in increasing the website's visibility in search engines and for getting maximum advantage through your website ,you have a dynamic website for updating easily according to latest web design trends.

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