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Thread: New to web developing but experienced programmer

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    New to web developing but experienced programmer

    i m an experienced programmer (20+ years) and for the needs of some projects i ll need to get into web development client & server side in order to build up a few websites.
    As far as i ve seen there is a number of languages i need to look/expert at like php, html/5, css, ajax, python, ruby,js, jquery and several frameworks.
    Is it a must to know all of them in order to build up a dynamic custom websites from scratch or based on other frameworks?
    Learn and use a new language is not a problem, as i said i ve got plenty of experience, its just a matter of days, but where i stack is what to learn and what to skip. There are so many web dev languages and libraries/frameworks for each language. Is there any where to find at least a good guide on all these?

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    My recipe is HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. That gives you sufficient tools to build responsive web sites. Others would use JavaScript. It's your choice.

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    Agreed, HTML and CSS is a must. PHP is a good one for server-side work as it's very flexible and there's a huge community online (search Google for literally anything and you'll get answers). Making the site responsive (change shape depending on screen size, nice for mobile users) isn't too hard, read up on some web dev blogs like Smashing Magazine or A List Apart for some good rundowns and best practices.

    If you want to make the site feel more snappy/responsive, or more interactive on the client-side, you could learn jQuery, which is an excellent JavaScript framework. I've gotten to the point where I don't use much JavaScript without jQuery because it's so easy to implement things and can actually be fun to work with.

    Good luck!

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    Oh, and you mentioned AJAX, which is a great way to improve your site's responsiveness. jQuery makes it very easy to implement AJAX right out of the box. Cheers.

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