(First of all, if this is in the wrong place, please notify me in the comments. )

Web developers often work in groups or teams or what not to increase efficiency spread knowledge and so forth. So what I'm looking for is someone that's also interested in a prospect like this to have someone to work with and help out and at times create a whole website together.

The whole goal of this is not to create one single website. I want a team that could work together for nonprofit reasons ( and if profit is involved I can manage it and will manage it in a very clear way. Ex. Site got popular with adds really quickly. Adds would be used to give the site hosting 10%, networking 20%, team 70% - me 20% of 70% and etc. )
and could create a variety of sites that they've always wanted to create but didn't have the resources to do it.

Anyone in the team could bounce a idea that they would like to see happen, and the whole team would then invoke on that project and continue in such a way.

That said, I'm looking for someone(s) who have web designing skills, client programming, and server programming. I personally know the business aspect of the field, social networking and web programming.

Also noted, I have approximately 3ish ideas already:
1 of them to give inspiration is a text based fighting system where you "fight" with another person with typing things like lunge block in real time.
Just an idea - and plenty more where that came.