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Thread: Basic Data Collection and Processing

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    Basic Data Collection and Processing

    I am very new to this and need some help to be pointed in the right direction and some terminology to do further research with.

    I am an engineering student and have recently started work on project outside of university. I have a small amount of web knowledge but need to learn a lot more for this project.

    The project requires a user to log in to an external devices, measurements to be collected from the device, sent to a server for storage (I think?) then processed and viewed on a computer at a different location. I am trying to research more about this but stuck on what terminology to search for.

    Any help or suggestions on things to look for would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance.

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    If we assume the device has web access (i.e. a connection to the Internet), then one approach would be for it to send HTTP requests to an on-line application at your chosen domain/IP address. You would then have one or more application pages on that domain that would accept and process those requests, in whatever web application language you choose to use, along with a database to store/search the relevant data there.
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