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Thread: Positioning or Other Issue?

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    Positioning or Other Issue?

    The website is www.cleantelligent.com/tour/

    This image, as a background, has tooltips and links on it.

    The issue is that, if you re-size the window, the image and title (the main div, I think) moves left and right. This means that the "Take the Tour" sub-head isn't always aligned perfectly underneath the "Tour" Title in the black bar above. They should be lined up down the left so that the image is centered underneath the header content.

    Is it my positioning that's causing this? If so, how can I fix it? I've tried positioning it absolutely, but that collapses the page and the footer pops up to the middle.

    Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Nevermind. I fixed it.

    Thanks anyway!

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