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Thread: Debug PHP code at run-time (step-over) with breakpoints

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    Debug PHP code at run-time (step-over) with breakpoints

    What is the best and easiest way to debug PHP code at run-time (step-over) with breakpoints. So that I can view the values on run-time and can debug easily. So, I want to know which php server and IDE works well with XDebug and easiest to configure with those. To be honest, I have tried 3-4 times in my life in last 7-8 years staring from win XP to Win 7 to setup xdebug with an IDE and a server and have failed, now again I need it in Win 8. I believe I can do it this time with your help.

    I just want any IDE with any server to work with xdebug in Win 8, so that I can pause execution at a break-point and see values of the variables. I do not even want to change values at run-time, just need to see those.

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    You want to look for an IDE that provides support for XDebug.
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    You could use NuSphere's PhpED. It provides a debugger and it works great with remote accounts
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    Well i prefer Netbeans IDE for PHP code.
    Xdebug is an extension for PHP that aids in providing information valuable for debugging PHP scripts. The NetBeans debugger works on top of the Xdebug extension, providing an effective debugging tool in your development environment.
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