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I guess that benefits of the responsive website goes without saying. Large amount of users access the Internet via their mobile devices and if your site won't be ready for it, the chances that they'll return are extremely low. It works like that. The server identifies the mobile device and its screen resolution, and the content is correspondingly scaled and presented; it can be viewed with any screen resolution, be it a mobile device or a desktop. It has no odd redirects to slow down the loading speed. The lower screen resolution is, the simpler navigation gets.

Responsive design is not the best solution for heavy content, such as video - it can slow down the website.
Even larger amount of users are switching to new resources such as Tablets, Phablets, Smartwatches and Google Glasses, This means there are still chances of more than a responsive web development. But up to the point it is best, I am an Engine Expert and I can guarantee google prefers Responsive Lean Retina ready design than a static boring website.