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Thread: MessCoder - website for programming education

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    MessCoder - website for programming education

    Hi! I'm trying to create a simple web-site dedicated to programming education.

    It should provide a collection of programming tasks and facility to check user's answers.

    And I think I need some hints or advises from gurus, about how bad is idea and how poorly it is implemented.


    Here is what was done so far (It is hosted on free sourceforge.net hosting while it is alpha version, sorry). The idea of checking solutions simply by proposing test data and asking to find an answer was influenced by http://projecteuler.net - however I tried to add randomization of test data.

    Please, if you feel inclined to help - check the site briefly (extremely cool if you'll try to sign in and solve one of the tasks) and tell whether you see some disgusting features, problems etc. Or perhaps tell me about some possible improvements I'm missing right now...

    Excuse me for currently here are only about 10 tasks (I hope it is sufficient to catch the idea). I also hope that simplified checking method (though having its drawbacks compared to electronic judges) will allow me to create new problems faster.

    Great thanks in advance!
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