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Thread: Scope of "this" in a callback

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    Question Scope of "this" in a callback

    I'm writing a simple image pre-loader and here are the 2 relevant functions with the simple "constructor" at top:

    //Default constructor
    var ImagePreLoader = function()
    	//Init class members
    	this._m_vImagePaths = null;
    	this._m_fpOnFinishedLoadAllImages = null;
    	this._m_nNumImagesPreLoaded = null;
    	this._m_mPathsToImages = {};
    //Preloads all images passed in the 0-indexed vImagePaths string array and calls fpOnFinishedLoadAllImages when they've all finished loading
    ImagePreLoader.prototype.PreLoadImages = function(vImagePaths, fpOnFinishedLoadAllImages)
    	//Shallow-copy the array of path strings.  (Cloning the strings is unnecessary since JavaScript strings are immutable.)
    	this._m_vImagePaths = vImagePaths.slice(0);
    	//Save the callback
    	this._m_fpOnFinishedLoadAllImages = fpOnFinishedLoadAllImages;
    	//Create images from each path, causing them to load.
    	for (var i = 0; i < this._m_vImagePaths.length; ++i)
    		//Set image to load
    		var pLoadingImage = new Image();
    		pLoadingImage.onload = this._OnImageLoad();
    		pLoadingImage.src = this._m_vImagePaths[i];
    		//Save the Image object
    		this._m_mPathsToImages[this._m_vImagePaths[i]] = pLoadingImage;
    	//No images have been pre-loaded yet
    	this._m_nNumImagesPreLoaded = 0;
    //Internal function handling a single image pre-loading.  Invokes the callback if all have been preloaded.
    ImagePreLoader.prototype._OnImageLoad = function(value)
    	if (this._m_nNumImagesPreLoaded === this._m_vImagePaths.length && this._m_fpOnFinishedLoadAllImages !== null)
    I'm then calling it with:
    //Test pre-loader
    var vImagePaths = ["textures/Ball.png", "textures/Block.png"];
    var pImagePreLoader = new ImagePreLoader();
    pImagePreLoader.PreLoadImages(vImagePaths, OnPreloadFinished);

    As written, this code works as I want it to. Specifically "this" refers to the ImagePreLoader object in _OnImageLoad.
    But what's confusing me is this line:

    pLoadingImage.onload = this._OnImageLoad();
    If I remove the parentheses after _OnImageLoad like:
    pLoadingImage.onload = this._OnImageLoad;
    then "this" seems to refer to the global space while in _OnImageLoad. If I'm understanding things correctly, that's because _OnImageLoad is not being called on an object whenever it gets invoked. What I *don't* understand is why putting the parentheses "fixes" it. (Or even if it's actually fixing it or just appearing to work for this case, but actually doing something dangerous.)

    Any chance I got get an explanation of exactly what's going on? Thanks for any help!
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    I think I figured it out...

    I was actually immediately calling the function with
    pLoadingImage.onload = this._OnImageLoad();
    So that meant "this" was valid since I was actually calling it on this. (This is now super-obvious to me, but somehow I missed it.)

    The solution I found was to attach the ImagePreLoader (this) as a property to the Image object so it could be retrieved in the callback.
    pLoadingImage._m_pPreImageLoader = this;

    Sorry for the wasted question. For some reason I convinced myself I was dealing with some quirk of JavaScript variable scope, but it was just something super-obvious. :/

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