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Thread: Web Developer Needed

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    Web Developer Needed

    Hi all,

    So I'm trying to start a website, but I have absolutely zero web dev. skills. So, my idea:

    Basically the website needs to have these features:

    A way for people to create their own profiles (like FB or LinkedIn).
    A way to search for other users based off their names, skills, and business ideas they are interested in starting/coming a part of.
    A main "timeline/news feed" where posts will show up.
    Essentially, this is going to be a CraigsList & FaceBook hybrid. People will post what they are looking to do (what kind of business they want to begin) and people can also post what business they may have already and what kind of person they are looking for to cofound the business with, and they take it from there.

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    If you want to work with an outsourcing software development company, please feel free to contact us and ask for any further details. We are always ready to discuss your ideas and suggestions.

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    New York.
    Hey there,

    I'm more then happy to help. Give me a call I'm (NY)) based
    1-800-219-1314 EXT 0.

    WILL -

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    I am professional developer and designer. I have experience of developing social network sites and I will be very comfortable to develop a site with facebook like functionality. I can provide you a responsive design site with professional look.

    Please send me further details at kashif@webcrest.net

    skype: kashifnazeer1

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