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Thread: [RESOLVED] editing a text file issue

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    resolved [RESOLVED] editing a text file issue


    Aim- To write a message "hello" in 1st line of text file which will automatic make the 1st line = "hello" , and the old text in 1st line which was "first" will come in second line , and the text in 2nd line will come to third line.... and so on..

    example: we have a file abc.txt , which have 1st line = "hello"

    now i want to write 1st line = "first" and the old text in 1st line which is "hello" must come in 2nd line automatic.

    can anyone tell me what changes i need in the code below?

    *[I want to do it without reading data of abc.txt file]*

    $my_file = "abc.txt";
    $handle = fopen($my_file, 'a');
    $ggg = "first";
    fwrite($handle, $ggg);

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    I don't think there's any way to essentially implement an "insert mode" with PHP's file functions. I can't think of a way of doing it that does not involve reading the file, though you could limit memory usage by reading/writing it line by line to a temp file (which you first wrote the new line to), then renaming it to the original file's name.

    You could do something in the OS shell, such as writing the new line to a file named tmp.txt, then using cat:
    PHP Code:
    shell_exec('cat tmp.txt abc.txt > abc.txt');
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    hey thanks, i got the code

    $file_data = "Stuff you want to add\n";
    $file_data .= file_get_contents('ok');
    file_put_contents('ok', $file_data);

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