I get the following error when trying to compile: "40 error: ; expected"

There is a ; at that line

import java.util.Random;
import java.io.*;

public class DealorNoDeal {

	public static void main (String[] args)	{

		System.out.println( "Welcome to Deal or No Deal Game!" );

		System.out.println( "In this game, there are 10 cases containing" + 

		"various amounts of money. Three of those cases contain no money."+ 

		"Of the seven cases that do contain money, they contain the" + 		

		"following amounts: $1, $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000" +		

				"and $1,000,000");

		System.out.println("You will be asked to select a case to open."+ 	

		"You'll have the opportunity to open up to 3 cases. But, if you" + 	

		"decide you like the amount before the third case is opened, you"+ 	

		"can stop the game at that point. But, if you use all three" + 		

		"tries,you'll have to take the amount received on your" +		

		"third try.");

		System.out.println("Let's start the game!");

//Setup looping mechanism to ensure user can only guess a maximum of three times.

	for (numofGuesses=0;numofGuesses < 3;) {
		GameHelper helper = new GameHelper();
		helper.getUserInput("Enter a case number between 0 and 9: ");

		//Display the amount contained in the case selected by user
		System.out.println("The case you selected contains: " + 		


		helper.getUserYN("Deal or No Deal? Y or N");
			if (line.equalsIgnoreCase("N"))	{
				numofGuesses++; //If user answers "n" continue loop

			else 	{

			break; //If user answers "y" terminate the loop


	//Print the amount user has won. Game over at this point.
	System println("The amount you've won is:" + (val(arr[position])));



public class RandomArr {
    private static Random rand = new Random ();
    // instance variable to hold dollar amounts inside an array
    private int [] arr = { 0,0,0,1,10,100,1000,10000,100000,1000000};
    // setter method that randomly assigns amounts to positions inside array
    public RandomArr(){
        int tempVal;
        int randPos;
        for ( int i=0; i<10; i++ ) {
            for ( int j=0; i<arr.length; i++ ) {
                randPos = rand.nextInt ( arr.length );
                tempVal = arr[j];
                arr[j] = arr[randPos];
                arr[randPos] = tempVal;
	// getter for value of a certian position inside the array
		public int getValue(int position){
		return arr[position];

public class GameHelper {
	public String getUserInput(String prompt) {
		String inputLine = null;
		System.out.print(prompt + " ");
		try {
			BufferedReader is = new BufferedReader(new 			

			inputLine = is.readLine();
			if (inputLine.length() == 0) return null;
		catch (IOException e) {
			System.out.println("Exception: " + e);
		return inputLine;
	// getter method that converts String value received from the user into an 	

	public int getUserInt(String prompt){
		String line = getUserInput(prompt);
		int val = Integer.parseInt(line);
		return val;
	// getter boolean method that returned true if the user pressed Y and false 

	// this is for the step when the user is asked Deal or No Deal question
	public boolean getUserYN(String prompt){
		String line = getUserInput(prompt);