Hello. First off, this is a great forum. I wish I had found this site sooner; it seems like a great community.

So, I have been mostly a hobbyist/freelance web developer for about 6 years, mostly working on a small doctor's office website as well as my own projects. My experience is primarily around procedural (not oo) PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, etc. I'm very comfortable working with my own code, but it tends to be somewhat disorganized due to the fact that I have never worked on a team, not having to show it to anyone.

I recently decided to pursue this work as a full time career. I recognize that my lack of experience actually working on a team could be a hurdle to me getting a job so I have been searching for entry-level (or even unpaid apprenticeships to help build my experience). I just got a call back for an entry-level paid front-end developer job and an interview is scheduled for next week.

I was hoping for some advice on what I might expect going into this being someone who is comfortable with the code but so new to actually working on a team and actually interviewing for this type of job. I'm very good with people and have interviewed for many other jobs, but not for technical work, so naturally I am very apprehensive about my qualifications. Any thoughts or warnings would be fantastic.