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Thread: How to find if website is spam or not?

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    How to find if website is spam or not?

    Hi friends,
    Please tell me if any tools or process to find the website is spam or not?

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    There are many factors that you need to see to determine if a website is spam or not. But for the most part, looking at its backlink profile covers lots of things to see if it is spam or not. Backlinks and anchor texts, the sources, and the domain authority of the external links can be a good measure.

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    You will know by checking the DA and PA of the site from where you are getting backlink.

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    Check its Domain Authority and Page rank and see if it is low then it is possible that is a spam website.

    Or another way is that you can check the internal pages of a website and see if it is indexed or not by posting its url on Google search engine.

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