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Thread: Suggest few tools for checking websites in different browser of different versions

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    Question Suggest few tools for checking websites in different browser of different versions

    Hello Guys,
    I am new to this forum and please ignore if I make any mistake . I couldn't get the exact thing i was searching for.....
    So, can anyone suggest me which tools you guys use for checking the websites in different versions of different browser(Firefox,IE,Safari,Chrome)... I used adobe browserlab and browserling.com. So, please suggest me any good tools much better and faster...

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I find its best to simply keep a copy of all of the major browsers installed on my system and test my pages as needed. As browsers become increasingly better at supporting the W3C standards, you should find that as long as your code is standards compliant, you can develop in any browser and then make any necessary browser compatibility adjustments once your design is final.

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    browsers behave differently depending on version and platform. This means that you’d need to install all versions of each browser on your computer to determine cross-browser compatibility… Clearly, this is unreasonable. So, how can you test your site?

    Fortunately, there are free tools which can capture a website and let you preview screenshots of your site in each browser.

    Top 5 Ways to Browser-Test your Website:

    2.Adobe Browserlab
    3.Litmusapp (paid service)
    4.VMware Fusion
    5.IE Tester

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    Differences in browsers across platforms is approaching insignificance these days, except perhaps for mobile versions of popular desktop browsers. The days when there were wide variances between, say, the Windows and Mac versions of browsers is essentially gone. Today, browsers are all striving for W3C compliance, vendors are deploying a single rendering engine for all versions, IE6 and IE7 usage is in the low single-digits, and the biggest issue is variance in support for newer CSS features. If you use standards-compliant code, you can test on a single platform with confidence that your results will be nearly identical on other platforms.

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    Best website I know of for what you want:


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    Hi, adobe browserlab is good tool.

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