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Thread: Considering domain name for programmer-targeted website

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    Considering domain name for programmer-targeted website

    Hi, Friends!

    I'm trying to find a suitable name for my future programming education website. As I see, names like "programmingstudy.com" are usually already bought by resellers.

    Is it a good idea to register "programmingstudy.org" in such case or "programming-study.com" for example?

    Or it would be better not to kick around the names already taken (even by resellers) and try to invent something more "brand-like"?

    In this case, if I invent the name consisting of two words, is it better to write them with dash or without (i.e. "topcoder" or "top-coder")?

    Also, surfing around I stick upon abbreviation "progger" for programmer - do I understand correctly that is the word which is not too nice to be used?

    P.S. While my project is under development, I use name "MessCoder" (at sourceforge) - but being not native English speaker I am not sure such name would be funny enough and will not have some secondary indecent meaning or accent. Is it so, by the way?
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