My small vbulletin forum was spammed by many spam users or bots. Although I knew about the situation i couldnt do anything for 7-8 months because of not having time to deal with it. The spam messages reached up to hundreds of thousands i think - if not millions.... Finally I had the time last week to restore everything from my latest clean database. I simply removed the current database and just uploaded my latest clean backup from 8 months ago. Now my site looks clean.

But I discovered now that Google removed my forum site completely. I mean, even if i type my site's domain name i can not find it.It is totally gone from Google.

I was suggested to write a reinclusion letter to Google. But what if they dont believe me? I have several other websites too, not forum sites but other sites, and I am worried that if they dont believe me then do they ban all my sites? Or may be they disallow my adsense accounts etc... I am worried about it.

What should I do? I have a webmaster account with google. It has two of my other sites in it. should i use the same webmaster account to write the letter? or should i get a new webmaster account in case they do not believe me and avoiding the danger of them banning my other sites too?

All my sites are totally original content and good quality sites with no spam whatsoever. in fact, i wrote the majority of everything on my sites myself manually, or used people to write original content.