Hello everybody,

What does that thread stands for?

Have an idea but don't have a skills to do it.. so I came here to look for some help.

What do I need?

* Website with two type of users.. those who want something and others who got something to offer.
* Separate business and personal accounts
* As many search criteriums as possible
* Search by location: for each country separately and international
* Automatic area recognition at user logon
* Person authentication: via local bank, credit card or whatever other way..
* Paid services: pay for session, monthly payments etc.
* Different payment options: SMS, Phone, Credit card, Paypal etc. Local bank transfers for different countries (know that it probably requires bank account in those countries)
* Some of the users contact information hidden until paid.
* Multilanguage support.. languages can be added later.
* Blog/forum
* SMS/e-mail notifications for users
* Possibility to add mobile apps somewhere in the future. (or is it so that apps can be created later for any website without making changes to the website?)
* Connecting with social media
* etc..

There are definitely a lot of things that are not on that list and also there's stuff on the list that aren't so important at the beginning.

Just an idea..

The sites layout would be a combination of buy-sell website and typical dating site, so I have been thinking was it easier (cheaper) to built it from zero or find some script (probably for a Dating site) and make modification to it to get what I need..

Any related discussions are welcome!

Who am I looking for?

Wish to find someone who have skills and who think that he/she needs some extra work (not for free ofcourse). I'm aware of that good specialist are always busy but I'm not in a hurry (yet).. Important is that I can have a good result with reasonable costs.

At the moment the website is not the only thing in whole project that is not ready yet so there's no need to start building it immediately, I'd appreciate some discussions with someone smarter than me at the beginning.. to get to know the main problems, things that are possible to do and thing that are not. And the cost..

Primary task is the functionality, of course it would be good to have a whole thing but if you really don't want to do the graphics you don't have to.. I'll find some other way to deal with it.

Also you don't have to create any content, do optimizing etc.. I'll do it myself.

Any Ideas?

Feel free to let me know what you're thinking..

More specific questions, talking about the money etc. are welcome to my mailbox of this forum.