i try to ask a question but my english isnt so good. So sorry for my bad writing. I'm much better in reading and understanding. So, here are my question about some javascript problem:

i wrote a page which generated some kind of mosaik. My javascript function get the datas, parameters and so on from the main page. But i want to open the result of the function (the generated mosaic) in a new window/tab. But now there some problems with the communication between this to pages.
Have a look of the code:

when the user push my button on the mainpage a function starts to generate the mosaic.
<a href="javascript:starteGenerierung()" id="GenerierungsButton" name="generieren"  >GENERIEREN</a>
in the starteGenerierung() i have this to open a new window:
 var ergebnisausgabe= window.open('Ergebnisausgabe.html','_blank');
later on, when i want to show the retults to the user (in the new window) i draw the mosaic-canvas-element hopefully on the child page:
function makeMosaik (array, dx,dy,reihen,spalten, einBild){

	var test1 = ergebnisausgabe.document.getElementById("fertigesMosaik");
	var testctx =test1.getContext("2d");
	var i = 0;
	for (var rei = 0; rei < reihen; rei++){
		for(var spal = 0; spal <spalten; spal++){
		testctx.globalAlpha = 0.6;
		testctx.drawImage(array[i], spal*dx, rei*dy);
Is it that easy to passing variables to a child window? Or have i to do much more work on it?
Or first, do you understanding my problem (because of worse english-skills) ?
You will help me a lot if you can give me an answers. Thank you very much! <3