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Thread: Getting link from Ezine is Good or Bad?

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    Getting link from Ezine is Good or Bad?

    Getting link from Ezine is Good or Bad?

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    is its good(PR 6), but getting link from it need some efforts.

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    When you know you have a great website or product to offer you want the world to know about it too. You could spend a lot of money advertising but in the long run this may cost you more money than you make. Alternatively, you could consider reciprocal links to other related websites. This could boost traffic to your website and the links will also increase your popularity with the search engines.

    The advantages of reciprocal links outweigh the disadvantages for several reasons. When you link to another website it allows their traffic to click onto your website which increases your traffic.

    When you use reciprocal links, their traffic can become your traffic and you do not face any advertising bills. Reciprocal links can be a great idea for those who are just starting out in their own business or website online and can't really afford to pay out a lot on advertising until they get more traffic to their site.
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    Is it good, from SEO point of view as well as from traffic point of view. Ezine article is the best source to get traffic to your site. You will get complete analysis related to traffic.

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    it is good because it is also drive good traffic to your website.

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