Iím finishing up my Bachelorís degree for Web Technologies and am trying to find a job in the web development field. I would be so grateful if I could get some guidance in this area. I go a semester without using code, and I donít do this as a career yet, so I donít retain it as well because Iím not doing it. I did pick up a website to take over for a local non profit and that will give me experience. I need to rebuild this from scratch or even just build other websites so that I have a portfolio or websites to use for experience. All jobs I see posted want experience, in the range of 3 years. I donít have that, so I am starting a web design/development biz on my own so I can figure all this out. I need to do the skills so I donít lose the skills. I have been hoping to find someone to ďmentorĒ me or guide me in a direction so that I can build a successful business. Is there anyone that would be willing to take on such a project? I really want to build this business and eventually move on from my current job in data management. I also need advice as to good websites to go to and the best books to explore, but itís getting overwhelming. ANY help would be so much appreciated.

Sorry this was so lengthy but Iím so frustrated at this point. I have an education that I canít even utilize and I really enjoy doing this, just don't have the resources of people to ask or where to start.

Thank you!