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Thread: Duplicate Content vs Original Content

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    Duplicate Content vs Original Content

    We are a distributor of medical and dental equipment. As such, a lot of our content (for example, product descriptions) is based on information we get from our manufacturers. I'm sure other distributors of medical and dental equipment do the same thing.

    Will we punished by the search engines for having duplicate content? If so, to what extent do we have to transform information we get from manufacturers so that it is not considered duplicate content?

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    Generally, the search engines just devalue pages they consider to be duplicates without overtly penalizing the entire website. I would avoid simply re-arranging or re-wording a manufacturer's description. The best thing you can do is to add some unique, good quality content to your product pages that will add some value for potential visitors and dilute the impact of any duplicate content to an extent that will improve your chances of appearing in the search results.
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    Create unique and quality content to get free from google search engine punish.

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    there is no comparison between original and duplicate content. If you want to be penalize your website by Google then use duplicate content.
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    Duplicate content is an understandable problem for Google they do not want to populate page results with many listings featuring the same or very similar content.

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    if you use duplicate content then you get your ranking low by google.

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    You should have to create unique content for your site for preventing any penalties.

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