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Thread: I develop a software KenCloud ERP

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    I develop a software KenCloud ERP

    I develop a software named KenCloud ERP which is including HRMS, CRM, DMS, AMS, FMS. It is very comfortable for every small scale business enterprises and now I want to sell it in globally then what can I o for it. Please help

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    I find it difficult to believe that:

    a) One person wrote a full ERP system.

    b) A person capable of writing an ERP system would ask for help with enhancing its appeal to larger enterprises.

    That aside, you say that the system is "very comfortable for every small scale business enterprises". That suggests that you have in mind some features that make it particularly suited to smaller enterprises? If so, those are features which, by implication, make it less suited to larger enterprises. So you have a start right there.

    However, larger enterprises tend to not only evaluate the product, but also the enterprise behind it. If it is true that your company is a one-man-band, that will tend to go against you. Why? because big businesses do not want to invest their time implementing a system from a supplier who may not be able to properly support it. Or, indeed, may not be in business in six months time!

    I hope that helps. Oh, and by the way please do not start the same thread in two or more forums. I have deleted the duplicate thread...

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    Jeda has a point
    If you really have built an ERP no matter what the size.. who is maintaining the beast? who is selling the ERP? Who is using it ? If you really do have runs on the board and a good product take your P and L and prototype to a VC or a start up accelerator to get the right advice and support to take it to the next level.

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