Hi All,

I'm new here so I hope I don't break any rules out the gate but I'm having a hard time with some Javascript for my website and I figured I should ask some experts at this point. I'm NOT a coder, just an artist with a little web design experience trying to make something work in Dreamweaver so here it is:

I want to make a gallery page for my paintings on my website where there is a main image which fades in/out of a series of images which are also present as thumbnails (so simple slideshow for this part). Ideally this image would load randomly each page refresh (this bit is less important). And FINALLY, I need something where if the viewer clicks on the enlarged image, it will expand for an even more detailed view (using something like lightbox is what I was trying for this).

None of the plug-ins I found online do all three of these things. I can manage to get each part working individually, but combining it all is well beyond my abilities. If anyone has any pointers, or if there's already a plug-in I missed I would be so, so thankful.