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Thread: Looking for a PHP company advice

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    Looking for a PHP company advice

    Hi guys,

    I was looking to for a company or programmers to build a site that's a hybrid between bleacherreport and huffingtonpost. From all I have read, it should probably be built on the drupal platform.

    My goal is to have writer/bloggers be able to post articles on the website after its been approved by editors... I do want the writer's article posting tool to be able to include pictures and videos etc.

    Do you guys have any advice on this? I am totally ignorant when it comes to building websites. Any thing will help...

    Thanks in advance on any sensible advice or tips...
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    If you have already decided to use a "boxed" platform such as drupal or word press, you dont really need to seek out PHP programmers...you just need someone with experience with the CMS you prefer. You only need to involve a PHP programmer to help with customizations if any are needed.

    Typically if you go to a web development company, you convey your need, and they quote you on the project using whatever platform they develop in. If you specify a platform they are unfamiliar with, it may cost you more for their education.
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    Do you think a platform like drupal will be able to handle a site like bleacherreport?

    Where would I find the web development companies that are reputable?

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