I have two forms on the same page, one for US and one for International customers. Each button prompts the selected form accordingly.

I'm pretty sure the two forms are conflicting with one another because the International form will not validate the captcha even when it's correct but if you toggle back to original form and us that captcha it validates on the International form.

Here's a look at the form: http://www.woodzee.com/wholesale-us

My question...is there an easy way to disable the inactive form so the captcha doesn't interfere?

Here's the JS:
$(function () {
    $("[name=toggler]").click(function () {
        $("#blk-" + $(this).val()).fadeIn(1000);
Here's the HTML (the actual form can be seen in the source code at the link above):
HTML Code:
<div id="blk-US" class="toHide" style="display:none;"> {{block type=core/template name=wholesaleUs template=cmg/wholesaleUs.phtml}}</div>
<div id="blk-International" class="toHide" style="display:none;">{{block type=core/template name=wholesaleIntl template=cmg/wholesaleIntl.phtml}}</div>
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!