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    Force Click

    Hey there
    I have two codes I wanna embed on my blog which shall get force clicked. However I do not understand how to do that. The two codes would be:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://player.shareifyoulike.com/siylplayer0912/siyl.js"></script><div id="642_27766_15093798915246adcf4bd4c" class="siyl" width="520" height="328" data="642data.xml?ncache=642_27766_15093798915246adcf4bd4c" did="27766" cid="642" baseurl="http://player.shareifyoulike.com/siylplayer0912/" videobaseurl="http://clipster.to/shareifyoulike/"><video id="642_27766_15093798915246adcf4bd4c" class="siyl_html5" width="520" height="328" preload="none" loop="true" src="">HTML5 und Flash wird nicht unterstützt!</video><div class="siyl_flash" width="520" height="328"><div id="642_27766_15093798915246adcf4bd4c"></div></div></div>


    window.settimeout('Funktionsname()', 6000); src="http://partners.adklick.de/intext.php?id=22314&data=950a1f40ce3f3fda1695bea415338604&color=FF0000&maxunderline=8" language="JavaScript"></script

    Can someone plz edit them?

    Thanks a lot

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    Don't waste your time. Do you think you're the first one to try this? No ad company is going to pay you for phantom clicks.

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    Know that. Nevertheless I wanna try it. So if someone could help me, especially with the first code, I'd be glad

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