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Thread: Please review my website

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    Please review my website

    Hello every one,
    My name is Mara. I am a web developer at psdtosite company. We are now focus on services such as convert psd to html, convert psd to wordpress theme and convert psd to email template. We have created a website to market our website on Internet so that we can attract a lot of customers : http://psdtosite.net/ .Can you visit and give me some feedback?Thanks so much.

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    Very nice site... it is a good looking service website, all the information is correctly displayed including contact info.
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    The overall design is decent, which is actually fine, not every website needs to introduce something groundbreaking.

    What I really like about the site is how I can see all the important information right on the landing page: who you are, what you offer, how much you charge etc. The contact section is really great, probably my favorite part (it actually gives me an idea for my own site).

    I just have three things, one: I find myself saying this a lot on this forum, at least today, I would really recommend doing some optimization for mobile devices. Secondly, and this is just a personal preference, but I really don't like the effect used in the "we are trusted by" section

    And lastly, regarding the hovering email/Facebook/Twitter icons on the right side: it is not quite clear whether these are for contacting you by each of those services or sharing your website (as in share by email vs email us etc). I would at least add an alt text that explains this.

    All in all, it's a decently designed site with a great usability (except on mobile).

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