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Thread: php clock in

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    php clock in

    presently am dng Staff management prjt...

    how to insert clock in and out times in database...
    how can i calculate timesheet difference .....!

    any one give an idea...

    thanks in advance.....

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    Use a timestamp or datetime type column in the database, and use the database's built-in time arithmetic functions to get the difference. E.g., in MySQL, you might use the TIMEDIFF() function.
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    actually my problem is in front end

    when i click the clock in button ... it display the current time... (that code be writen in jas)
    your clock in time is....... like ths

    i want to insert that clock in time in database...
    how can i insert that time...
    please help me...

    thanks in advance..

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    Try this one.

    You can first display the date and then save the same in the database.
    If the table definition has the timestamp column default set to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, you actually don't have to do anything at all. Otherwise, NOW() and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP will work, as in:

    INSERT INTO t1 (timestamp_column) VALUES (NOW());

    Hope this helps you.
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