My name is Ahmed Saeed, a young web developer with 3+ years work experience in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, and jQuery. I can also convert PSD to Fully funcitional web applications.

I am living in a non-developer friendly environment, but I always had the determination to train and practice myself to become a better developer on my own time and expenses. I am currently in Egypt which is in no way a place to start my career in web development.

I also lived a few years in the USA a while back, and my family are constantly visiting the United States (My sister is an American citizen as well, since she was born in Atlanta, GA). The reason I am stating this is to ensure that relocating to the United States is certainly never going to be an issue (and at my own expense!).

Language is absolutely not be an issue. I am fluent in English, and fair in French, with Arabic as my mother tongue of course.

I have good communication skills and I'm constantly available on phone or Skype. I have previously worked, led, and managed projects remotely.

I would go to any lengths (and expenses) to expand my scope of knowledge, and I would go to any length for a chance to achieve what I have always dreamed of despite being next to impossible in the place I am currently in. I only ask a chance, I certainly have the passion for it, and will fight rigorously for it no matter how much more effort, sweat, and sleepless nights I need to exert (and there has been a lot).

I just want to know if I have a chance at this, I am willing to start as a trainee or an intern. I don't necessarily have to immigrate either or ask for a full time job. I think if I could find any possibility or even a temporary part time post I would be able to take it from there.