I'm new to web development. Many years ago, I taught myself HTML and dabbled in coding a few sites for my clients here and there. Lets say I know some basics. I particularly specialize in EXCEL VBA projects in warehouse environments for coding projects used for inventory/production management. My vba projects usually consist of userforms populated by dynamically created controls based on user selections and input feeding in-out via SQL queries to ms access databases. I feel a strong need in moving my projects to web based UI's, rather than locally hosted applications (excel). This would give me the ability to run on any platform using a web browser. I'm writing this post in hopes of someone point out where I should be looking for developing my skills in these areas (which language-platform). There are so many ways I'm sure, but I want to know what's the easiest way in working with dynamically created controls on a webpage. I've posted this in the .net forum because .net is Microsoft and so is visual basic. Was hoping what I'm trying to achieve can be accomplished in a similar coding language and thought .net may be it. Please let me know what you think.