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Thread: Where are store the cart's items of this onlineshop?

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    Question Where are store the cart's items of this onlineshop?

    Browsing this online shop www.officeworld.ch I can add items in the cart (Corbeille in French). When I browse the shop the previous selected items stay in my cart.

    In this example I selected 3 items:
    Papier pour la copie OFFICE WORLD, ID 1000037, Quantity 1x
    Etiquettes OFFICE WORLD, ID 1280255, Quantity 1x
    Papier pour la copie VariCopy, ID 13618800, Quantity 1x
    1. Where are saved/store the content of my cart? Maybe in some cookies.
    2. What values are saved? I guess: the item ID and the Quantity?
    3. How/Where to find those saved value (ID, Quantity)?
    4. What is the shop CMS used for this site (and where to find this information)?

    NOTE: saving the cart webpage (Ctrl+S in Firefox 24), I got some files. Only those 3 .JS files contain the string "document.cookie": 10401.js, HeaderShifter.js, emstrack.js

    Thanks and regards.

    CONFIG: MS Windows 7 SP1, Firefox 24 + addon: Cookie manager.
    Attached: Cart screenshot, cookies screenshot, webpage saved (Corbeille.zip)
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